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"It takes a CUP full of Wellness to make a difference in Health"

  • Mission

    Community United Providers (CUP) is a non-profit organization that was incorporated with the mission to pursue health, education and wellness initiatives for the advancement of medical care in New Jersey and surrounding areas. These initiatives are opportunities for CUP physicians and healthcare personnel to upgrade the quality of community based diagnostic, treatment and prevention services.


    In an era of reduction in medical services, the primary goal for CUP is the improvement of medical resources, therapeutic outcomes and disease management for New Jersey and surrounding areas. This goal addresses ongoing change as well as the need for more patient education in healthcare. Since the need is growing, these are the objectives CUP has identified to make a significant difference.

  • Help patients better understand their medical problems and promote their own wellness.
  • Inform and empower patients to use available resources and services to maintain good health.
  • Support CUP physicians in the management of their medical offices and treatment of patients.


    CUP physicians participate and perform services for the community. The services are part of programs designed to improve the quality of healthcare, increase health awareness information, and help citizens take control of their health.

  • The organization has nutrition weight loss programs, meetings to empower and educate patients about proper diet and self-management techniques.
  • The organization conducts asthma wellness sessions, developed to inform children and adults about symptoms, conditions and medications.
  • The organization holds activities for the senior population, helping them maintain a healthy, active lifestyle through senior care wellness and health education programs.
  • The organization publishes health materials and directories, information to help citizens become more proactive about good healthcare.


    OBey Your Doctor
    This Healthcare website focuses on disease prevention, health education and wellness. Plus an informational TV show "A Moment in Medicine" featuring CUP Physicians discussing their medical specialties.

    CUP Directory
    Request a Free copy of the award-winning CUP Physicians Directory Resource Guide. The 96-page Directory contains information on doctors and healthcare resources in New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia.


    Golf Invitational
    Join CUP for their Annual Golf Invitational on Saturday, September 17, 2016. Come have fun and mingle with the CUP physicians and CUP supporters.


    CUP accepts tax-deductible donations for the Nutrition Weight Loss Program, Asthma Management Program, Senior Care Wellness Program, and the Physicians Directory Resource Guide. Checks or money orders can be made payable to Community United Providers and mailed to the address shown below. Support is appreciated to continue healthcare initiatives that improve wellness in the community.


    Omar Bey, MD
    Founder & Chairman

    Hamlet Bey
    Executive Director

    Community United Providers
    P.O. Box 6009
    Newark NJ 07106

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